All-Natural vegan deodorant stick. Aluminum and baking soda free, with organic oils and plastic-free deodorant.

Ingredients: Plant-based waxes, Shea Butter*, Castor oil, Arrowroot powder*, Zinc ricinoleate, and Vitamin E *Organic


EO = 100% Essential oils
EFO = Fragrance & Essential oils

Citrus, Fresh, Clean, and Earthy
Bergamot, Cardamom & Tonka Beans EFO
Bergamot, Cedar & Musk EFO
Bergamot, Sea salt & Amber EFO
Cardamom, Teak & Bergamot EFO
Cedarwood EO
Cedar, Patchouli & Vetiver EFO
Lavender, Bergamot & Sea salt EFO
Mandarin, Bergamot & Sandalwood EFO
Mandarin, Patchouli & Ginger EFO
Musk, Vetiver & Oakmoss EFO
Patchouli EO
Sandalwood EFO
Tobacco & Spices EFO
Vetiver, Myrrh & Cardamom EFO


100% biodegradable and recyclable kraft paperboard tubes 3 fl oz


This is not an antiperspirant and does not contain harmful chemicals like Aluminum, Parabens, Propylene Glycol, TEA & DEA, Triclosan and FD&C colors.

Vegan (Fresh, Clean And Earthy Scents)