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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Arcadia Natural is a small business with a powerful purpose. They specialize in crafting handcrafted soaps, deodorants, lotions, and other skincare products that are safe for you and the environment, All products are ethically produced. With a passionate team, they have several years of experience in devoting their time and love to creating the highest quality items that meet the highest standards of safe, clean, and fair production. Everything they offer is made to benefit you and the earth. Each product is always free from animal testing, harmful petrochemicals, phthalates, and parabens—so you can be free and happy in your own skin and free to find products that align with your values. 


Our Mission

We're on a mission to achieve zero waste as consumers and to give back to our planet and bodies with natural, wholesome, and truly good and pure products. Join us and find options that are not only beneficial for you but for our neighbors, the planet, and generations to come. 


We have over 1,600 reviews on Etsy and Amazon with an average of 4.8 stars

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